Value added packaging & special projects

In both NJ and CA, Western's Value Added Packaging (VAP) department performs gift pack assembly. On a typical VAP project, Western will pair wine and liquor brands with premium gift items, such as glasses, coasters, shakers, and flasks, and customized varietal packs.

Western's VAP department packs several hundred thousand cases each year for importers, distillers, and wineries.

To improve accuracy, productivity, and visibility, Western continually upgrades its assembly equipment. Recent examples include automatic case sealers and electronic case counters.

West Coast Bottle Shoot
Crop Security lock

Upon request, the department performs quality control, reconditioning, and other services, including:

  • Inspect, sort and segregate cases or bottles
  • Overlay or replace new bottle or case labels
  • Overlay or replace UPC labels
  • Inspect product for discoloration, residue or other abnormalities
  • Repack damaged or outdated cases
  • Strap and unstrap cases

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