Restaurant groups

Western provides a complete menu of wine warehousing and transportation services to restaurant groups. We leverage our experience, scale, and investments in warehousing, transportation, technology, security, and people to cater to the unique wine logistics needs of restaurant groups.

Next day shipping

All orders received by 4:30 PM are picked and ready to ship the next business day. We load refrigerated trucks through the night so that your orders reach your customers as early as possible. Our service is courteous, thorough, and responsive to the needs of your restaurant.


Our quality control system scans and analyzes barcodes printed on each case we pick to ensure shipping accuracy.

Why western?

  • We set the standard for inventory accuracy.
  • Real-time inventory and shipping information available on our website
  • Access to your inventory. We are conveniently located 20 minutes from Manhattan.
  • Our facilities are climate-controlled and protected by 24-hour security and a backup generator
  • All orders received by 4:30 PM are delivered the next business day
  • We deliver your orders on refrigerated trucks through our NY/NJ Retail Distribution Service

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